G Beauty Lab magnetic lashes were the first lashes introduced in Finland. Magnetic lashes became very popular and they still have their own loyal audience which is growing because many allergies and hypersensitivity to adhesives increases. 

G Beauty Lab magnetic lashes are ecologic and vegan. They are made from special fibre which is hollow inside. This manufacturing method makes the lashes faster to degrade and more lightweight to wear. Original magnetic lashes have soft cotton lash band with 3 small magnets. Cashmere & Wispies magnetic lashes come with 4 small magnets. All our magnetic lashes have small anchor magnets which can be used to attach the lashes.

Magnetic lashes are designed to sit above and below your natural lashes, with a small magnetic strip holding them in place. This means that they do not come into contact with your skin or eyes, reducing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Magnetic lashes can be attached with small anchors or super eyeliner.