Eyeshadow pen WATCH ME REIGN | 311 GOLD

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What is it? It's the eyeshadow the women of our community claimed and demanded: natural and vegan, highly pigmented and ultra-easy to apply! 

The color : absolutely elegant, this bright gold will light up your look and accentuate your eye color. Make room for the queen of the jungle!

How to use it? It's quick and simple, thanks to the 3-in-1 format. In fact, this pencil is at the same time an eyeliner, a light eyeshadow thanks to its easy-to-blend texture, or an intense eyeshadow as soon as it's applied directly on the eyelid. 

ECO-DESIGNED : Pencil made of PEFC-certified wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests, and decorated with water-based organic varnishes. Bio-plastic cap. No outer box.

Tested under ophthalmological control. Made in Italy. Weight: 3gr. PAO : 12 months. *Cruelty-free: European regulations prohibits animal testing, and we refuse animal testing outside of Europe. 

Quick and easy 3-in-1 application:

  1. As eyeliner, via the ultra-smooth tip gliding on the lash line.
  2. For a light eyeshadow effect, apply the color on the eyelid and then blend the fingertip or a brush.
  3. To get an intense result, apply directly the color on the eyelid.

The beauty tip: prepare the eyelid with a light touch of powder foundation or concealer to ensure the perfect hold of the eyeshadow.