Rebel in Moscow false lashes gives you intensive volume for every day look. Suitable for day and night.

1. Measure and cut the lashes so that they fit your eyes perfectly.

2. Apply lash glue eyeliner to your eyelids like you would a regular eyeliner.

3. Place the lashes on top of your own lashes so that they attach to the eyeliner while it is still sticky. Press the lashes gently in the right position and let the adhesive dry. If you need to re-arrange the lashes you will need to add more adhesive eyeliner.

Remember to spread the mascara before applying eyelashes. When removing the lashes gently pull them off from the eyelid. Keep lashes in their sales box when not in use and clean with cotton buds.

Lashes are designed in Finland.

Reusable, vegan, handmade, cruelty free, allergy friendly

Lashes apx. 9-11 mm