Wasp In The City Collection gets follow up from Do-It-Yourself lash extensions. These lashes are totally new way to create lash extensions. DIY lashes are pre cut eyelashes, manufactured with special technique. 

The Big Apple is perfect when using it in outer corners or trough the lash line if you are looking for very dramatic result. The Big Apple is also very nice when mixing together with The Squere Mile and The Forty Forties.

You can create many different looks by mixing DIY lashes or just use one of your favorites. DIY lashes are attached with LASH GLUE EYELINER or glue. Remove before sleeping, shower, swimming or sweating. Apply LASH GLUE EYELINER or glue according to instructions and set lash strips to highlight the outer corners or full lenght of the eyes. Keep away from the children. Do not use damaged product.

Try them, it is so much fun!