We want to challenge the traditional eyelash market, taking into account ecology, responsibility and the latest technology used to make eyelashes.
Small choices with big effects
We wanted to take the act about eco-conciusness by reducing the use of plastic waste. All GBL Cosmetics products are packaged in biodegradable trays. The packaging size is smaller and aims to save materials on both space and logistics.
Always one step ahead
The latest technology has been used in the manufacture of Gbl Cosmetics' range of lashes. They are feather light and are built in a complex way to make the lashes look vibrant and natural. The lash band is thinner and more flexible. It settles naturally and beautifully above your own lashes. All our lashes are vegan, cruelty free, handmade and reusable.
The size of the GBL Cosmetics products is also convenient to carry around, it fits neatly with you and travels with you in a make-up bag for all occasions.