G Beauty Lab is an innovative cosmetic company. We represent products and companies which share the similar values like desire of taking into account that people, animals or nature do not suffer. We offer our customers carefully selected products by beautiful brands as well as our own brands.


What we have

  • Over 100 stores where our products been sold
  • 4 countries where our brands are sold
  • Access to main Finnish retail chains
  • Multiple online stores

How we operate

  • Social media support
  • Reseller store staff training
  • Beauty advisor for in-store events and launches
  • Influencer cooperation


    Why join with us

    We believe using cosmetics should be easy and fun. It should make people happy, good looking and feel better about being involved in doing good for the environment. Join our mission to spread these products and to help all the people to achieve their aspirations.


    Facts about us

    • Family owned company
    • Strong, positive and innovative leadership
    • Future supporting values
    • Growth orientated staff
    • Multiple sales channels
    • Solid and sustainable brand portfolio


    As in importing distributor

    • Offer extensive distribution network
    • Organise the launch and marketing of new products
    • Take care of the sales promotion
    • Keep track of sales figures and targets


    As an exporting partner

    • Ensure adequate inventory balance
    • Provide comprehensive marketing materials
    • Help to support sales
    • Bring in innovative products to keep customers attraction


    4 values that take us forward


    In all our decisions, we want to design and manufacture products, taking into account that people, animals or nature do not suffer. All of our products are vegan, non-animal tested and mostly allergy friendly. In packaging design, we strive to choose materials that have the least possible impact on the environment. We believe that even small actions bring benefits. We respect our customers and partners. We respect that everyone has the right to be what they want: their own individuality, their own style and their own attitudes are important. Every living being is important and meaningful.


    Our team is especially passionate about designing brand products and story. The love for beautiful things is deep in our hearts and we hope it is reflected in our products as well. Each product category has its own story. Each product category has its own inspiration both in the name and in the appearance of the product. They all tell the story of the current life or life situations when the collection originated. The story involves events and people, places and cities around the world.


    We have the ability and willingness to create something new, but also to innovate from time to time. We want to offer our customers the best quality and value for money. We follow trends closely and, as usual, we are one step ahead of others when we create new products for the market. We are able to act quickly and agilely. Our motto is if we get an idea today, it will be part of our story tomorrow.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Customers are, of course, important to us. If there are no customers, there are no us either. We want to take into account the wishes of our customers, hear feedback and learn about challenges. We strive to continuously develop our operations towards more customer-oriented operations. Our goal is to be a part of our client’s lifestyle and not just a one-time visit to the makeup bag.