Sensational half-eye magnetic eyelashes have returned in completely revamped models. These were the ones that started it all when we founded the company - with 2 styles of magnetic eyelashes. This resulted in tremendous popularity and a magnetic eyelash craze. They practically flew off the shelves!

We wanted to refresh our most popular and all-time best-selling magnetic eyelashes. These lashes are handmade and feature two magnets for attachment. The upper and lower lash strips are of the same length, and the counterparts are joined so that your own lashes are sandwiched between them.

The 2-magnet magnetic eyelashes are:

  • Easy to apply: 2-magnet magnetic eyelashes are famously easy to place in position. They are attached between your own lashes so that the counterparts on the upper and lower sides adhere to each other.
  • No mess or allergies: The biggest advantage of magnetic eyelashes is that they require no glue at all. Glue allergies have become increasingly common in recent years, and the risk grows with constant exposure to adhesives. Therefore, starting with magnetic eyelashes, especially with younger individuals, is a good idea when beginning to use false lashes.
  • Comfortable to wear: Magnetic eyelashes are comfortable to wear even throughout the day. Because they adhere to your own lashes, there is no sensation of weight or irritation on the eyelid like with adhesive lashes, for example.
  • Natural look: Magnetic eyelashes provide a very natural look and blend beautifully with your own lashes.
  • Reusable: Magnetic eyelashes can be used multiple times. Depending on the user, they can last for over 10 uses.
  • Quick to apply and remove: Once you've mastered the technique of applying and removing magnetic eyelashes, using them efficiently is possible anywhere, even on a crowded bus. Proper removal is essential to prevent any harm to your natural lashes."