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Super Toffee glitter from Glitternisti is, as the name says, like candy. The tone of this wonderful cosmetic glitter is warm bronze and will make your cheek bones shine like CRAZY! Super Toffee is also amazing because it works well with any of our other glitters. It’s a neutral that sparkles up any glitter makeup look paired with any color. Little tip: try it with Rosie!

Super Toffee glitter is available in 5 ml jars.

All Glitternisti glitters are vegan, non toxic and cruelty-free.

How to Use Cosmetic Glitter?

Dampen your skin with a product like Vaseline or Miracle Balm. Simply apply glitter generously with your fingers or with a makeup brush. The more the better! It is good to remember that if you dip your makeup brush into glitter, it will always have a bit of glitter on it.  So maybe save your most luxurious brushes for something else! Check out the Magic Brush which is super for applying glitter!

Glitters look great on your face, hair, and body. You can also use them for nails! Mix & match and get creative!